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Trophy Hunting in US National Parks

For nearly a century our National Parks were considered the jewel of the country.  The parks were suppose to be a safe haven for both animals who lived there and humans who visited.  That has now changed, without public input.  The park service now allows hunts, essentially trophy hunts, with outside hunters not rangers doing the killing.   This goes against all that the park system was supposed to stand for. 


Helping Rhinos with Simon Jones

Today, we will be discussing the magnificent rhino, with our guest, Simon Jones, CEO of Helping Rhinos.  Helping Rhinos is predominantly based in Africa.  


Helping Rhinos is celebrating ten years of protecting rhinos in their natural habitat.  Its start began in March of 2012, when Simon learned of the shocking poaching of three rhinos at the Kariega Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Billy Groom Part 2

In this Part 2 episode with Billie Groom we offer hope for adolescent and adult dogs who struggle with habitual behavior challenges.


During this show Billie and Erica take a deeper dive into the inherent issues within the monolithic and unregulated pet industry. They ask difficult questions like, why is canine behavioral euthanasia and surrender so prevalent today?  And, Why are behaviorally challenged dogs being euthanized enmasse instead of institutions opting for more conscious solutions to long-term rehabilitation?