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The Black Mambas 10 Years and Winning

Fearless, Incorruptible and Uncompromising. These are only some of the words used to describe the indomitable women known as the Black Mambas, the World's 1st ALL WOMEN anti-poaching initiative founded by Transfrontier Africa to upskill local communities and protect wildlife resources in South Africa.


Wolf Treaty with Chief Judy Wilson

On this Wild For Change podcast, we speak with Judy Wilson, who formerly served as Kukpi Chief of the Neskonlith Indian Band about the Wolf Treaty; A Treaty of Cultural and Environmental Survival.


Judy has knowledge, experience and an extensive background in First Nations land rights/specific claims, human rights, children & family jurisdiction, emergency management and supports a wide range of issues including climate action, justice reform, environmental & animal rights.

The Orangutan Project

The Orangutan Project was established in 1998 by founder and world-renowned orangutan expert, Leif Cocks, as a result of his almost 30 year career working with orangutans. Leif is a passionate campaigner for orangutans and has been the leader of The Orangutan Project since its inception.


Host, Billie Groom chats with Leif about the on-going efforts of his organization to establish a sanctuary for critically endangered orangutans, the “persons of the forest.”