With Nicole Rojas

Chicagoland Pig Rescue with April Noga

Wild for Change hosted by Nicole Rojas


Wild For Change hosted by Nicole Rojas Growing up April and her husband Tyler dreamed of having a pet pig. After watching a video of a mother pig living in a horrific gestation crate, April knew in her heart she wanted to dedicate her life to rescuing and saving pigs and finding them their forever home.


This was the impetus of Chicagoland Pig Rescue. But April and Tyler aren’t stopping at rescuing pigs and finding them sanctuary placement. They are documenting the intricacies and rich inner worlds of pigs’ lives to raise awareness that pigs are highly intelligent and sentient and deserve more in life than to be treated as a commodity or pest. Did you know in a natural setting, pigs live in herds, have hierarchies, and death rituals? This and so much more is shared in this podcast