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Billie Groom, Part II: Hope for Canine Behavioral Euthanasia & Surrender

The Rising Lioness hosted by Erica Salvemini


In this Part 2 episode with Billie Groom we offer hope for adolescent and adult dogs who struggle with habitual behavior challenges.


Erica Salvemini, host of The Rising Lioness Podcast welcomes back Billie Groom, animal welfare activist, social entrepreneur and Canine Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CCBT) expert.



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During this show Billie and Erica take a deeper dive into the inherent issues within the monolithic and unregulated pet industry. They ask difficult questions like, why is canine behavioral euthanasia and surrender so prevalent today?  And, Why are behaviorally challenged dogs being euthanized enmasse instead of institutions opting for more conscious solutions to long-term rehabilitation?


Erica asks the audience to use its voice for our Canine BFF’s to create a grassroots movement to shift the industry towards rehabilitating our behaviorally challenged, misunderstood dogs, in place of surrender and euthanasia. CCBT is the conscious and compassionate solution to helping canines who are otherwise being destroyed en masse.


This thought provoking conversation also addresses a current and rising movement toward implementing laws against backyard breeding and puppy mills selling pets in stores.  Erica and Billie share candid views on the breeding, and industry which prioritizes money over the happiness and freedom of the animal. These canine industry experts offer another perspective and solutions for frustrated pet parents who hope to help their beloved 4 legged, furry family members.


As a Master Reiki practitioner and pet care entrepreneur, Erica has been helping pets and their people for 2 decades. Through use of Reiki, a healing modality that has been around for nearly 4 millennia, we can offer transformational healing for our struggling canines. This holistic approach is still going strong today because of its simple, gentle and effective way in which it treats the patient, which explains why it’s lasted for centuries.


With decades of evidence, CCBT has been scientifically vetted as a proven methodology to help dogs who might otherwise be surrendered or worse, euthanized due to “behavioral challenges”.


CCBT and Reiki combined would be a transformational powerhouse of healing for pets and their people too.


If you’re feeling despair over how to help your beloved behaviorally challenged adolescent or adult dogs, there is HOPE! Log on to learn about these highly effective and holistic approaches to rehabilitation.


You can also contact animal welfare organizations, veterinarians, politicians and industry leaders at the local, state and national level and ask them to administer Canine Cognitive Behavior Therapy as a rehabilitation solution in place of surrender and euthanasia.

We can all use our voice to help make a difference in saving canine lives today!


Billie Groom is an award winning author, podcast host, animal welfare activist, and social entrepreneur. She is featured in magazines, blogs, and on many podcasts and tv shows, including the LA Tribune and Psychology Today Magazine.


Billie presented at the Animal Behavior Society Conference 2022 and was a keynote speaker at the Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine Conference 2022.


Billie is also a member of the Dog Writers Association of America, Comparative Cognition Society, and the Animal Behavior Society.


She is enrolled in the PhD Program at the Graduate School of Leadership and Change at Antioch University.


Billie lives in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada with her rescued dogs and cat.