Billie Groom is an expert in Canine Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, social entrepreneur, speaker, award winning author, podcast host, and animal welfare activist. Her work spans over three decades. She is featured in magazines, blogs, and on many podcasts and tv shows, including the LA Tribune, CTV, Roku TV, and Psychology Today Magazine. Billie presented at the Animal Behavior Society Conference 2022, and the Animal Science and Veterinarian Medicine Conference 2022. She is a member of the Dog Writers Association of America, Comparative Cognition Society, and the Animal Behavior Society. She is the recipient of the Global Business Award, 2021, and has received many accolades and awards for her work with street dogs, community dogs, and dogs with unknown, disadvantaged, or checkered pasts, from Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Panama, Thailand, Spain (Galgos), and China, as well as dogs rescued from the Ukraine war, the Yulin Festival, dog fighting rings, backyard breeders, and death-row. She also works with dogs who have no history of abuse or neglect to keep them out of the system and in good homes.


In Aug 2023 Billie is starting the PhD program at the Graduate School of Leadership and Change at Antioch University. She lives in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada with her rescued dogs and cat who came to live with them.

Breaking the Chains with Tom

Effective Animal Advocacy with Billie Groom


Tom joins host Billie Groom for their second chat on the situation in Ukraine, as well as their more recent work in Turkey and Romania.



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Tom, ex-military, and his team work on the ground to provide aid to the animals in ravished places. Providing aid to animals starts with providing necessities to the humans, establishing collaborative relationships, and working with other teams. Tom’s team, consisting of people with varied skills and a plethora of determination and grit, is able to effectively create change and save lives. Learn how this all works, the suprising challenges, and how you can help make a difference!









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