Erica Salvemini is a mom and social entrepreneur striving to make positive change in the world by using her voice to advocate for Wildlife Conversation.  


She is the founder and CEO of Just 4 Paws Pet Spa LLC., a Master Reiki practitioner and Podcast Host on All About Animals Radio.


Erica began as volunteer podcast host for the AAA Radio network In September of 2022.  She has been sharing her passion and using her voice for the animals right from the start.  At the young age of 8 Erica began organizing and holding bake sales for Greenpeace and continues her fundraising efforts for the greater good until today. She hopes to bring awareness to the animal liberation movement through galvanizing hope, action and inspired empathy into the hearts of other animal advocates around the world.

Helping Rhinos with Simon Jones

The Wildlife Guardians hosted by Erica Salvemini & Jeff Harrison


Simon Jones, founder of Helping Rhinos chats about events leading up to his corporate world departure and the inspiring journey that led him to create Helping Rhinos Prepare to be blown away by the survival story of Thandi the rhino! Against all odds, Thandi wills herself to live after a brutal poaching attack that took the lives of several other rhinos. Simon Jones, founder of Helping Rhinos shares the harrowing and inspiring tale of Thandi and how she goes on to birth 5 calfs and now has 2 grand calfs! This is just one of many important moments in the history of Helping Rhinos, beautifully illustrating how saving Thandi’s life ultimately creates 7 more rhinos on our planet. Simon states of Thandi, “She knows she has a purpose in life.” We think Simon Jones has found his too. Tune in to hear Simon educate on the benefits of protecting these powerhouse herbivores who germinate growth of fresh vegetation and how the rhinos presence on our planet is critical for the future of any habitat where they live.