Erica Salvemini is a mom and social entrepreneur striving to make positive change in the world by using her voice to advocate for Wildlife Conversation.  


She is the founder and CEO of Just 4 Paws Pet Spa LLC., a Master Reiki practitioner and Podcast Host on All About Animals Radio.


Erica began as volunteer podcast host for the AAA Radio network In September of 2022.  She has been sharing her passion and using her voice for the animals right from the start.  At the young age of 8 Erica began organizing and holding bake sales for Greenpeace and continues her fundraising efforts for the greater good until today. She hopes to bring awareness to the animal liberation movement through galvanizing hope, action and inspired empathy into the hearts of other animal advocates around the world.

Born Free USA on Recreational Animal Slaughter in the U.S.

The Rising Lioness hosted by Erica Salvemini

Audio Production by Alex Sanf

In this episode, Devan Schowe, Campaigns Associate for Born Free USA, sheds light on their startling and disturbing NEW report, Thrill Kill: Recreational Animal Slaughter in the U.S., released on 5/23/23. Born Free USA’s investigative research explores the dark world of animal slaughter in the name of entertainment, where across the U.S., animals are slaughtered for fun in killing contests, canned hunts, fringe youth group activities and other events. To learn more read the full report here.




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Devan Schowe, Campaigns Associate for Born Free USA speaks with The Rising Lioness Podcast about their recent legislative successes and introduction of the Mink Virus Act, which will phase out mink farms amid rising public health concerns. Devan shares her important first work with Born Free USA, and her deep connection with primates which led her to co-create, Finding Sanctuary: Life After the Primate Pet Trade, a short documentary Finding Sanctuary: Life after the Primate Pet Trade.


Born Free USA’s progress on the Captive Primate Safety Act strengthens protection for primates from the cruelty and dangers inherent in the exotic pet trade. Erica and Devan also contemplate the exponential reduction of human empathy in recent years and its parallels to increased and widespread animal cruelty and slaughter of wildlife on the planet at this time. They discuss tough questions like, is animal cruelty becoming acceptable social behavior due to human desensitization and lacking empathy?


Tune in to hear Devan share ways in which we can all make positive change in the lives of animals and wildlife every day. Born Free USA’s research, reports and activist’s toolkit bring awareness, education and empowerment to the public to help us further defend and protect animals and wildlife.













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