Erica Salvemini is a mom and social entrepreneur striving to make positive change in the world by using her voice to advocate for Wildlife Conversation.  


She is the founder and CEO of Just 4 Paws Pet Spa LLC., a Master Reiki practitioner and Podcast Host on All About Animals Radio.


Erica began as volunteer podcast host for the AAA Radio network In September of 2022.  She has been sharing her passion and using her voice for the animals right from the start.  At the young age of 8 Erica began organizing and holding bake sales for Greenpeace and continues her fundraising efforts for the greater good until today. She hopes to bring awareness to the animal liberation movement through galvanizing hope, action and inspired empathy into the hearts of other animal advocates around the world.

Anthony Lovell, The Endangered-Wildlife Poet

The Rising Lioness hosted by Erica Salvemini

Audio Production by Alex Sanfiz



Endangered-Wildlife Poet, Anthony E. Lovell discusses his emotive poetry which inspires sanctuary for all life on Earth. In this episode of the Rising Lioness podcast on All About Animals Radio, host Erica Salvemini, chats with Endangered-Wildlife Poet, Anthony E. Lovell about his passionate love of wildlife and nature which he infuses with the art of poetry for a cause. Through his beautiful and often gut-gripping prose, Anthony challenges people to do whatever it takes to hold onto the species we still have - especially focussed on the critically endangered - and their habitats and wonders of nature.


Anthony is encouraging humanity to create a sanctuary for all life on earth - starting in our hearts and minds. Erica and Anthony discuss their shared love, respect and devotion for preserving wildlife on Earth and how this is not only morally sound but is also in the best interest of our continued human existence. Listeners who stay on past the interview will enjoy Anthony’s powerfully evocative poetry series entitled, “Sacrosanct,” recited by Erica Salvemini. More of Anthony’s vital works can be found on his site at




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