Jeff Harrison, is the founder and creator of Pedaling Against Poaching and Crash Networking. He is also Board member and ambassador for


Jeff grew up in Western Massachusetts and now lives in Arizona. He is an avid mountain biker, animal lover, married with no (human) children, although Jeff and his wife Wendy love and care for their two wonderful canine companions.


Jeff has had a career working for one of the top Electrical Supply Distributors in the world and balances that out with what he describes as, “An almost uncontrollable passion to protect wildlife from the Illicit exotic animal trade, Human Encroachment, Habitat loss, and much more.”

Community-based conservation interventions reduce the negative effects human activities have on our planet

The Wildlife Guardians hosted by Erica Salvemini & Jeff Harrison


In this podcast episode hosts Jeff Harrison and Erica Salvemini of The Wildlife Guardians chat with Dr. James Danoff-Burg about his critical and ceaseless work within the field of conservation.


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Dr. Danoff-Burg is an educator, conservation strategist, and biodiversity scientist focused on the human dimensions of conservation. Amongst championing and leading many conservation and biodiversity projects, for the past 25 years James has helped document and reduce the negative effects of human activities on biodiversity in 36 countries through community-based conservation interventions.


For the past two decades, Dr. James Danoff-Burg’s research, teaching, and conservation implementation actions have focused on documenting and then reducing the negative effects of human activities on biodiversity in 36 countries through community-based conservation interventions.


He is the Director of Conservation at The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens in Palm Desert, California, working on projects with an emphasis on North America and African ecosystem conservation through engaging the people in the areas surrounding the projects.


James has been a consultant on sustainable community-based conservation to the governments of countries as diverse as the Dominican Republic, Cambodia, United Arab Emirates, India, and Japan. Integral to all of these efforts is his deep commitment to inspiring hope for the future across the 17 countries in which he has worked. His experience in community-driven education, strategic planning, evaluation, community-based conservation, biodiversity surveys, and public outreach have positioned him as a global leader in conservation, education, and strategy.


He has been a professor and researcher at Columbia University for 14 years and currently has an appointment at California State University San Marcos. James has also been Director of Conservation Education at the San Diego Zoo and an independent researcher and evaluator for zoos and aquariums around the world. He is Founding Director of Helping Rhinos USA, a conservation organization focused on supporting community-based conservation and education solutions to the epidemic of poaching that is affecting the populations of Black and Southern White rhinos in Africa.


The importance of hope for the future of conservation is the central idea in all of Dr. Danoff-Burg’s work. When people – from early childhood to community elders – learn about, develop, and implement successful approaches and tools, they are empowered to live sustainably with our rich natural world.


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