This show will help shine a light on issues that fly under the radar and need attention as they are often ignored by the media.  I like to highlight people and organizations doing great work and making a difference. The goal is to make people think, question and hopefully be inspired to act for the greater good.

Going Vegan for the Animals (and Yourself)

Reality Checks with Staci-lee


Have you ever thought about going vegan? It’s a lot easier than you might think.




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Giving up fatty meat and dairy might seem like an impossible task but the health benefits alone will greatly improve your quality of life. The cruelty that comes with animal agriculture is more than most people are aware. Add to that the damage done to our water and land. The strain on our healthcare system from diseases caused either directly or indirectly by eating animals and animal by products costs hundreds of millions of dollars. Maybe 2023 will be the year you think about all this in a new light and consider going vegan.


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