With Erica Salvemini & Jeff Harrison

The Wildlife Guardians podcast is a show dedicated to the advocacy of wildlife everywhere with a focus on lesser known endangered species. 


Through raising awareness, education and compassion we hope to bridge the gap between species in need, conservation organizations making impactful change for our world and like-minded supporters who use their voice for to advocate for wildlife.

Dr. Cheryl Laite, The Maverick Vet

The Wildlife Guardians hosted by Erica Salvemini & Jeff Harrison


Bearing witness to the extinction of an entire species of life can alter a person’s perspective on wildlife conservation and the meaning of life itself.


Tune in to this episode of The Wildlife Guardians as Dr. Cheryl Laite shares her life altering experience with Sudan - the last Northern White Rhino - moments before his species went extinct. In a 2019 CBC interview Cheryl states, “spending time with the rhino was both "heartbreaking" and "life-changing."


Dr. Cheryl Laite shares her deeply evocative and emotional experience with The Wildlife Guardians, describing this time as a critical juncture in her life which catapulted her towards many other wildlife rescue and conservation projects; some local while other projects took this Maverick Vet to assist at the Zululand Rhino Orphanage in Africa or to Australia to fight the raging bush fires that ravaged the country in 2020. Cheryl has also been known to jump out of perfectly good airplanes along the way, all in the name of conservation fundraising!


Don’t miss Cheryl’s exciting, emotional and truly inspiring tale on this episode of The Wildlife Guardians with hosts, Jeff Harrison and Erica Salvemini!


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