Asia For Animals with Nicola O’Brien

Effective Animal Advocacy hosted by Yvonne Luscombe


Yvonne chats with Nicola O’Brien from The Social Media Animal Cruelty Coalition (SMACC) which was formed in May 2020 by members of the Asia for Animals Coalition.




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Their main goal is to unite organizations and address the issue of animal cruelty content on social media platforms. SMACC aims to expose and eliminate all forms of animal cruelty content and work with social media platforms to ensure its eradication. The coalition was created due to numerous public inquiries about cruelty content and the lack of progress by individual organizations working independently. SMACC collects data on animal cruelty content, writes reports to expose it, engages in ongoing communication with social media platforms, seeks dialogue with other platforms, raises awareness among the public and media, provides guidance on encountering cruelty content, and represents a unified voice through its network of diverse organizations.




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